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  1. Minimum of $30,000,000.00 per project
  2. Approval is subject to different terms and further due diligence
  3. Interest rates vary by project, but as an idea @3% fixed rate
  4. 15 year term
  5. Financing cost 3% to 5%, depending of the Project
  6. 3% to 5% Down Payment, depending of the Project (YOU MUST SUBMIT POF ENCLOSED WITH THE APPLICATION)

Project detail

Ensure that you have provided the following for project evaluations and Consultations:

  1. Executive Summary of your project
  2. Detailed “Use of Funds” statement
  3. 15 year Cash Flow Projections
  4. Detailed Business Plan
  5. Proof of funds with Bank information
  6. What is the total amount of capital you have invested in this project to date
  7. Are you contemplating using all / part of any future loans for any payments other than for your project?
  8. Are there any past outstanding loans to repay from the funds you are seeking?
  9. Are there any 3rd party consulting fees and / or equity involved? If (YES) then provide full details.
  10. Real Estate collateral in the project is a MUST!
  11. What are the available exit options for the investors and or finance your seeking?
  12. Upon initial approval of your project funding, there will be paid consultation with our Project Directors for your region, in order to clarify any outstanding questions about your project. Consultation Fee will be determined depending on our Project Director's schedule, Project Financing Amount and complexity of the Project (not limited)
  13. Please note: we are not accepting walk-ins and cold calls, you can contact us only through our appointed regional Project Representatives for Europe, South America and Asia, please refer to Contact Page for more details.
  14. You can check our Directors and / or Representatives credentials contacting our investment department, by Email, only:
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