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All parties agree to instructions that are submitted to the escrow agent. Upon completion of other predetermined criteria, the escrow agent is instructed to release the cash to the designated parties. If there is a dispute between the parties, the escrow agent generally will not release funds until the parties resolve their differences, providing protection to all involved.

Many commercial transactions require an unaffiliated third party to hold funds, documents or assets until the transaction is successfully completed, or other conditions are satisfied.

Escrow agreements can be drawn to allow USA Escrow Fund to guarantee disbursement of funds after completion of the agreement.

Cash escrow can be used:

  • Construction Project Funding
  • Project Financing based on Installment payments
  • Merger acquisition required hold backs or down payments
  • When time is of the essence, as in real estate transactions or where disbursements are required after an initial agreement.

With USA Escrow Fund acting as a cash escrow agent, the parties on either side of a financial agreement can rest assured that a trusted, unbiased party is working to hold and disburse funds.

All funds are held in FDIC approved and insured US and International banks. 

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